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Moving Towards Sustainability In The Workplace: Small Steps Every Company Can Take Today

9 October 2019

As consumers strive to adopt more sustainable practices in their everyday life, the focus is now on what companies are doing to join the fight to protect the environment and its resources. While we have seen giant companies such as Coca Cola and BMW roll out great going-green initiatives to promote sustainability, contributing to the green movement does not necessarily have to come in the form of grand gestures and large investments for a business. By making just a few simple changes in the workplace, you can strengthen the view of your business’ stance on the issue, promote a more conscious brand, and even boost your employee satisfaction and productivity. Best of all, they require minimal capital infusion and time commitment.



Install A Low Flow Tap In The Breakroom

It’s no surprise that water wastage can be quite high in the workplace. To minimise this, opt to outfit your taps with low flow taps/ flow restrictors instead. They take minutes to change and cost just a few Pounds. Additions such as tap aerators can reduce your water usage to as little as 6 litres per minute.


Hand Out Individual Employee Cups And Bottles

Plastic is the number one concern amongst environmentalists currently and there is no wonder why. One plastic bottle can take 450 years or more to decompose while plastic bags can take at least 10 years to breakdown. Opt for refillable bottles at the water cooler instead of bottled water or cups. You can either choose to present each employee with their own personalised company-branded eco-friendly bottle (done easily in bulk) or encourage employees to bring their own reusable cups and containers from home to promote less single-use packaging at work.


Automate Your Lighting With Motion Detectors

One of the top energy-wasting habits is leaving the lights on. This is particularly true where empty conference rooms and offices are left lit for the entire workday. However, this is easily remedied with the help of motion detectors or swapping for motion-activated lighting, costing as little as $8. Alternatively, you can simply have some reminder signs printed up to remind your employees to switch off the lights when they are leaving a room.


Change Your Printer Settings

This option requires no investment at all; just a few clicks on the printer system. Setting the printers’ settings to two-sided means you are using less paper. In addition, you can take it a step further and implement steps such as making the emailing of agendas and relevant documents for meetings beforehand, a standard protocol within the company. Going paperless means less energy and paper spent on printing, and of course a reduction in company expenses.

Adopting habits that are conscious of your impact on the planet and its resources are important because they contribute to your future. More people are realising the need to make such changes in their lives, and now they are demanding it in their professional lives as well. ADP’s Research Institute report, The Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature Of The Workforce highlighted just how far employees will go in choosing to work for an organisation that aligns with their personal beliefs and has an impact on society. Therefore, sustainability is no longer just about saving the planet; it is about saving your business, and your workforce.



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