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Improving HR Functions through Video Technologies

There is a 95% probability of retaining information through videos and a 10% retention rate by reading, as reported by Insivia. The company’s human resources (HR) can benefit from videos by educating, engaging and communicating with employees. Performing these tasks manually without videos is challenging because it’s hard to disseminate large volumes of crucial information. Utilising video technologies can help the HR departments to disperse messages consistently with high accuracy effectively. Videos can help HR recruit quality job-seekers, hence improving the company.

Making Definitive Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos will assist the company in acquiring the best talent. First, every recruiting video must have relevant content on what the job at hand entails. Potential employees would like to see and hear about the workplace. To give them an idea of the workplace, the video can include departmental managers together with their respective subordinates. All the videos must appear to be fun in order to attract young talented candidates.

To make an interesting video, HR can present the company’s untold story and its uniqueness. The story does not have to be earth-shattering, but something new to the entice candidates. All recruitment videos must incorporate discussions and the key phrases that will fully optimise and bring consistent information about the vacant position.

Company’s Mission Videos

These types of videos can display the inner-workings, culture, mission, and the company’s employees. The corporate vision should not only be mentioned but fully displayed in the video by utilising the most talented employees. This can be done using workplace tours, employee testimonials, and glimpses of recent accomplishments must be fully displayed in the video.

Most millennial youths think that most companies are boring. To attract millennials, the videos must incorporate exiting prospects career advancement opportunities, company outings, and progressive training. Show off luxurious items like coffee makers, table-tennis table, canteen and other things that make the environment worker friendly.

Informative Training Videos

These videos can be used to advance the skills and technical ability of the hired employees. The busy schedules and complex obligations of the HR team can benefit from this innovation. These videos should have procedural demonstrations that highlight what the tasks entail. Each procedure must have a comprehensive explanation to ensure that the message is conveyed without ambiguity. Employees who work with machinery and computers can use the videos with real settings for proficiency. Safety videos must show the hazards and accidents that occur when one tampers with heavy machinery, electricity, and slippery floors. Security videos must have explicit guidelines that show how the company’s information is handled, protected, and stored.

Creating informative videos can extend the attention spans of all the employees in a company. This can be advantageous to companies that have to frequently train workers on certain skills and tasks. To make these videos, an HR team must incorporate procedures and demonstrations in a systematic manner. Video blogs advertising the cultural landscape of the company must show the workplaces and the amenities available. Recruitment videos must be short and precise to alert job candidates about the vacant positions.


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