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Why you should use MCS Group

Martin Connolly Jan 24, 2022

When looking for a new job, it can be overwhelming. With the vast number of roles and open opportunities on job boards the process of getting a job should be quick, easy and painless although, in reality, this is not the case. Firstly you Apply, then you hear that you had made it to the Interview stage and finally you receive the news that you got the Job Offer...right?!

In its essence, the hiring process is simple yet is made difficult because of the disconnect between each of the above stages. The miscommunication or in some cases, the lack of, is what cause unrest and apprehension among people applying for jobs. That combined with the fear of not being successful, it is no surprise there is a need for Recruitment Consultants to help guide you through the process and bridge those communication gaps.

Above you will see the gaps between the standard, direct route when applying for a job and the process we use at MCS and grey areas or gaps that sit between. This is what guarantees a better experience in finding your next role when you seek employment through us here at MCS Group.

 So, what are these ‘grey areas’ or ‘gaps’ in the hiring process? Let me show you:


You view an opportunity on our website at and like the look of it, then you send in your CV.

Speak With Consultant:

A consultant at MCS will be in contact to discuss the role, your experience and how this may match the role you have applied for. Here they will discuss what we do and how it is crucial to finding the ideal role for you. Next step is booking a Career Call.

Career Call:

This will take on average 30 minutes and will cover everything from your CV to experience and how you have progressed to your current role. You will also discuss your career aspirations and help the consultant ‘paint the picture’ of your ideal role. This will allow us to understand your journey, your needs and bring forward opportunities that are worthwhile to you.


Once we find an opportunity that is tailored to your needs and expectations, we will be back in touch to talk you through the role and why we feel it would be a great fit for you.

Send CV for Job:

If at this stage you are happy with the role, with you consent, we will forward your CV to the client who has the vacancy for their review.

Represent you to the Client:

As they receive the CV, we will be in contact with them to represent you as we have had the career call already and are able to answer any immediate queries they may have. This is also our opportunity to express why we feel you are the right for them.


Again, we will be in touch with an update as they review the CV. Regardless of the outcome, or if there is even no news from them. No news is still news. If successful, we will assist in arranging your Interview with them whether that be on-site or virtually.

Interview Prep:

Prior to the interview, following our career call and detailed discussion of the job role with the client, we will book in some time to prepare you for the interview to make sure you represent your true self.


The interview stage is here. Over to you, your time to shine and show why you are the right candidate for the role. Following the interview, we will be in touch to gauge your immediate reactions and how it felt from your side.


At this stage, we will be speaking with the client to get their feedback on how the interview went and if they felt you would be a good fit. Here we will allow them to make the decision if they would like to take you forward and make an offer. If however, we have not heard from them, we will update you anyway.

Job Offer:

Congratulations!! You have been offered the job! We will call to congratulate you to discuss the package on offer and to make sure you are happy to take the role. If it is unfortunately not good news, we will be in touch to let you know via phone as no one likes a cold email. If, however, we do miss you, we will leave a message and send you a brief email to inform you of the stage of the process.


If the news is positive, we will be in touch after your first day to see how it went. Just because we have helped you through the process does not mean we no longer care, once the relationship is forged, it is set in stone from then on. 

What’s next?

1.      Get in touch with myself or one of my colleagues here at MCS Group

2.      Check out website for current opportunities:

 Over to you!! 👉