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As Recruiters our goal is to provide a beneficial and valuable service to both businesses and those searching for a job. We take the time to become experts in our specialist fields, go the extra mile to understand the ever-changing market and build rewarding relationships with both client and candidate.

However, it seems that all too often, a bad experience in the past with perhaps a less reputable agency results in tarring all recruiters with the same brush and obliterates all the brilliant work we do on a daily basis.

Life as a Recruiter is full of up’s and downs, successes and fails and can be an emotional rollercoaster at times. However, it is worth every second when you get that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, knowing you have helped not only a jobseeker find their perfect role, but you have found your client the best individual for their company. As Recruiters we have had a major impact on so many lives and it is the most rewarding feeling ever.

The benefits of using a specialised recruiter can be endless for both sides of the employment cycle as demonstrated below;

The Client

The recruitment process can be a time consuming and costly procedure for any organisation, however more often than not, clients still think they are better off conducting the employment process themselves. Yes, it is true that recruitment agencies will charge a fee for their services, and initially this can seem quite daunting, however the overall benefits are endless. The sheer amount of time spent conducting a recruitment process will cost so much more in the long run.

Having a middle-man to manage all aspects of recruitment will be the best decision you ever made.

  • As specialist recruiters we don’t spread ourselves too thin and can maintain focus on specific areas of the industry. We therefore become market experts on trends, skill shortages and salary scales.
  • We meet and qualify all our candidates. This ensures we will only send over top quality individuals for your consideration.
  • We shortlist the CV’s received. This can be a time-consuming process, particularly if you are inundated with applicants. Having a recruiter take over this stage for you is extremely beneficial, meaning you are not spending days sifting through irrelevant applications.
  • We can arrange interviews, deliver feedback and manage those difficult conversations that many dread such as salary negotiations and overall package.
  • We source references on your behalf.
  • We can manage the process right through to the end, including the inevitable situation of managing counteroffers.
  • Not only can we assist with recruitment, but we can help brand your company, offer consultancy and advice and overall, provide a lot of knowledge on the market.
  • On top of all of this, whilst confident we will find you the perfect match, we do allow for the possibility of candidates not working out, therefore provide a rebate period that caters for such situations.

Overall for a client, whilst a small fee is required to secure the perfect candidate, the overall time saved on the above outweighs that small cost. You only need to free yourself up for interviews and we will handle everything else, allowing production to be minimally affected.

The Candidate

Recruitment consultants are a huge benefit to candidates. Offering a cost-free service, recruiters allow job-seekers to speak to just one contact, who can get to know them personally and become an avenue for exposure to multiple positions. Without the assistance of a recruiter, candidates are responsible for their own job search and may have to talk to a range of different people from HR to hiring managers, which can be a daunting process. Developing a relationship with your recruiter allows you to ask the questions you may be reluctant to ask directly.

Working with a recruitment consultant affords candidates a number of benefits in their job hunt, which include:

  • The opportunity to have your CVs polished, primped and perfected by experts.
  • Reassurance that any company we bring to your attention can be vouched for by us. We will only send you to places that will be the right fit for you.
  • We make a point of visiting our clients so we can get a complete overall picture of the company. This allows us to be able to talk in more detail about the companies beyond what may be available on their website or the job description, to give you the best chance of knowing how to present yourself as the solution to their problem.
  • We can give you interview prep and have access to more information regarding interview structure, the panel etc.
  • We take responsibility for the management of interviews, liaising with both employer and prospective employee to arrange times and dates which work for everyone.
  • We can get more detailed feedback from interviews rather than the basic, “you were unsuccessful” or “there was a stronger candidate.” Feedback is vital if candidates are to progress and improve. As recruiters we can get the important information and work with you to develop for the next time.
  • We can off assistance with salary/offer negotiation, helping you to get the very best offer possible.
  • We can coach you on handing in your notice and how to deal with difficult situations.

Candidates can save themselves time and effort by using an efficient, successful agency within their specialist field. They can be notified about opportunities that they may have missed trawling the job boards.

Recruiters are here for both clients and candidates. It is our passion to provide the best service possible with the hopeful outcome of pleasing not one but two parties.

As recruiters, we will go the extra mile for you and ask very little in return, however, if you want to get the best from your agency and recruiter, try and consider the following;

For clients;

  • We want to paint the best image of your company and give as good an overview as possible. Take the time to talk to and preferably meet your recruiter. This will work in your favour.
  • Recruiters will spend a lot of man hours sourcing the best candidates for your role. Ensure you keep the process moving quickly and the communication lines open. Candidates are active and will not remain on the market for long. Don’t waste your time and your recruiters by delaying shortlisting/interviews.

For candidates;

  • Be honest with your recruiter. Let them know who you have applications with. The worst thing you can do is have your CV out everywhere and possibly landing on a client’s desk multiple times.
  • Make the time to come in and register. Making that face to face connection allows your recruiter to get to know you on a personal level, meaning they can portray you in more detail to future employers rather than just by what’s on your CV.
  • Trust your recruiter. Take their advice. They know the market better than anyone and will not steer you wrong.

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