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Love it or hate it, hybrid working is here to stay. It allows for people to have a better work/life balance – Perhaps that’s why 72% of people prefer working from home. This boundary allows for more self-care and time to spend doing things for yourself, ultimately improving your mental wellbeing.

According to professor Celine Erorh, over 40% of people say their flexible schedule is the best part of working remotely. It’s how you organize those hours in your day that makes all the difference.

Do you have a daily schedule or set routine to follow? When you organize your tasks and outline your goals, you mentally prepare yourself for what to expect during the day. Then it’s easier to work towards achieving the goals you set out, rather than vaguely meandering towards them. This scheduling also prevents tasks not on your to-do list (like falling down an Instagram rabbit hole) from creeping into your day.

It’s important to schedule breaks. Set aside time to escape digital screens and give your eyes a much-needed rest. While it’s easier said than done at times, try and fight the urge to stay sedentary. Have a stretch, go for a walk or a bike ride on your lunch break – whatever floats your boat. The point is to get the blood pumping. Exercising 20 to 30 minutes a day can dramatically lower anxiety levels, boost endorphins and working out distracts your noggin from work problems so you can come back to your desk feeling ready to go.

If you find yourself getting distracted more frequently, switching up your work environment regularly could boost your productivity levels.

Working in the same place for a prolonged period of time can decrease focus levels and changing this around regularly can help; taking breaks from your regular working spot helps you to get your clarity back.

“Making slight changes in your working environment will make a big difference in your willingness to work as changes in scenery can be beneficial for stimulation and can boost creativity.”



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