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A temp is not just for Christmas

Jennifer Curran Dec 14, 2021
With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of year were lots of companies bring in temp staff to help with the busy period. If you are going temping for the first time this year here are some helpful tips to smash it as a temp, proving a temp is not just for Christmas!

 1. Know Your Business

Research into the company always goes a long way, even if it’s just a short-term contract. The quicker you can understand the business, what it does, who its customers are, etc. The quicker you can become an integral part of how it functions, particularly in a small business. Lots of short-term contracts can quickly turn into long-term work for the right person. 

 2. Network

Get to know your company and the staff! The workplaces are more inclusive than ever, and temps are often invited to Christmas parties, it goes without saying don’t get too sozzled. Remember you are trying to make a good impression. The more you speak with the company the more information you will learn on potential internal opportunities. 

3. Get Feedback

Make sure to get feedback on how you are doing. This only needs to be a quick catch-up with your supervisor/head of department at the end of the week or every two to three days. MCS Group as your agency will be doing this for you anyway so make sure you are in regular contact. This is a great way of learning what you are doing that works and for any tips on improvement.


 4. Always Be Thinking Long Term 

Always be proactive as the more skills you can demonstrate the more you may become indispensable, and your assignment may be prolonged or may turn into something more permanent. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done, hopefully, be called on again or given a good reference and/or be able to try new things which you can add to your CV, enhancing your career along the way.