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How To Use Your Hobby To Improve Your Career Prospects

21 August 2018

How To Use Your Hobby To Improve Your Career Prospects

A recent study of 2,200 adults has revealed that one in eight of them has turned a hobby into a career with 20% of younger adults finding jobs through their pastimes. Making time for your hobbies can benefit your work performance by giving you a break from your job and allowing you to focus on an activity that you enjoy. However, hobbies are also great for personal development and acquiring new skills. These could add value to your CV, help you embark on a new career or even secure a second job.

Transfer your skills to work

According to a survey by CINT, two of the most popular hobbies in Northern Ireland in 2017 were arts and crafts and cookery. If you have enjoyed mastering the art of drawing or perfecting your culinary techniques, you can use these skills when applying for jobs. Instead of simply listing your interests on your CV, translate hobbies into the world of work and give solid examples of where you have successfully used your expertise. Becoming a graphic designer is an obvious choice for an artist but a flair for creativity and a meticulous approach to a project are also transferable skills that could be valued in many different jobs.

Create networking opportunities

Whatever your particular interest, joining a club or attending classes is a great way to meet new people from different walks of life, away from the restrictions of your 9 to 5 job. Networking with your classmates, talking to guest speakers and having lessons from experts will all provide a chance to acquire useful contacts, ask for advice and find out about job openings. Be ready for new opportunities with a portfolio of artwork or photographs of products you have created and if you have previously undertaken work for friends, ask them for references.

Set up a business

Contacts made through networking could be particularly useful if you take the leap of turning your hobby into a sideline business. Multi-faceted careers that incorporate hobbies are becoming more common with 12% of men and 16 % of women having more than one job. The internet offers opportunities to sell your unique, homemade products through online marketplaces and advertising on social media is a quick and easy way to spread the word about your business.

Hobbies can show a level of commitment which is impressive to employers as they demonstrate skills and expertise that you have gained outside the workplace. They can also provide a great starting block for professional jobs and may lead to you creating a career or even a business out of your chosen interest.


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