Uni is now over…what is your next step and how are you going to get there?

12 September 2017

Studying? Check! Coursework? Check! Final exams? Check!

All the prep, all the hard work and all the endless cups of coffee and late nights are over and behind you now! You got that coveted final classification that you worked tirelessly towards for the past 3-4 years.

Summer 2017 is now at its conclusion and it’s back to butts for everyone. So what now? Maybe you know exactly what career avenue you want to go down and are actively pursuing that, perhaps some of your peers and old classmates have already secured their dream role, some may even have been offered the opportunity to return to the company where they completed that all-important placement year! But what if none of what I have just mentioned applies to you? What (new) advice do I have to offer?

Recruiting specifically for the IT sector, I am all too familiar with the struggles that more and more grads are facing in an ever increasingly competitive market, both in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. The usual advice that grads are given includes scanning the jobs boards religiously, actively sending out your CV and cultivating and maintaining a strong social media profile to ensure high visibility for employers.

All good advice. But I want to go back to basics;

Prep – You prepped for your exams so prep for your job hunt. This is not restrictive to research on just the companies out there but also applies to your own CV. This may seem obvious but many grads, and even more tenured professionals, can fall into the trap of not being able to articulate their experience and skills in an engaging way. Companies out there will conduct interviews in various styles and one way to ensure that you can roll with those different styles is to know your CV inside-out.

Keep ‘er lit – A saying I hold in high esteem and seems especially relevant when on the job hunt. That first step on to the career ladder can sometimes be the most difficult nut to crack. But don’t give up too soon. A lot of grads can become crestfallen when they have submitted CVs to countless companies, been on several interviews, all for it to come to nothing. But that is never the case. With each interview, comes that bit more interview experience which will ultimately lead to your own perfect style. As our motto here at MCS goes, “What is for you, will not pass you!”

Showcase your interest – Sell, sell, sell! Ensure your reasons for applying to specific companies are abundantly clear in your demeanour, attitude and overall presentation. Making it plain at interview that you’re motivated and genuinely interested in the company you’re interviewing with often goes a long way and could be the difference between a yes and a no!

Here at MCS Group, we can assist with all this prep and more! We take the time to discuss and go over your options and what can be done to help you transition from Graduate to Employee. Feel free to reach out and get in touch if you are on the hunt for your dream role and take that first leap on to the career ladder!


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