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In today's world, data has never been as crucial to modern business. The need for accurate, real-time information is even more critical in driving the efficiencies and success of any organisation. The local Data & Analytics market is growing exponentially as more organisations see the impact this talent can bring to their business. The value of having an efficient data function in place is another essential factor when it comes to the market's growth. In the past, it was almost exclusively corporate multinationals that had a demand for these skill sets. Still, there has been a substantial increase in requirements for this talent across organisations of all sizes in recent times. 

We have seen more FDI entering the local markets, which are now putting equal importance on establishing data and software development teams. Where previously data may have been deemed less critical. As the market evolves, we find these organisations have seen an opportunity to tap into NI's data talent.

With automation becoming a more pressing conversation, there has been a considerable increase in AI and ML focused data positions. The mantra of the industry is fast becoming, "if it can be automated, let's automate it." As a result, we have seen an influx in organisations in the UK and Ireland responding to this and building out central data functions.


There is such a variety of companies that we work with within the data and analytics space. This talent is sought by FDI's, multinationals, indigenous local software houses, and many local industry clients. We work with companies that have built or are building data centres of excellence. At MCS, we see many data employees to organisations with a single data employee in a standalone role.

Typical positions we recruit for:

  • Data Scientist
  • BI Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Database developer
  • DBA
  • Data Architect
  • Head of data

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