Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

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Establishing a strong brand is vital for every company, especially when you are looking to attract new talent to your teams. The Recruitment Cycle starts long before you approach a candidate, even before you find them. Employer Branding has been called the No 1 strategic way to attract talent, branding activities, brand visibility, tapping into the hearts, minds and dreams of potential employees is critical when growing your teams in today's world. 

The Team at MCS work with many SME’s , New Start Ups and local companies working through the elements of a strong employer brand.

  • Articulating Core Values
  • Discovering existing qualities and benefits under the radar
  • Articulating Company Culture and Brand Ambassadors
  • Discovering Company Reputation ( Internal and External)
  • Engaging Social Media
  • Telling your Story

An engaged applicant will gather information about your brand from the news, social media, job boards, internet searches, acquaintances, or other touchpoints. Some of these brand attributes they are looking for include:

  • Career Advancements
  • Learning and Development
  • Work and Life Balance
  • Culture and Values
  • Environment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Benefits and Perks
  • Management
  • Reputation
  • Innovation

It is important that you control the narrative of your brand and promote everything you do across all appropriate channels.

How MCS Group can champion your brand

We have partnered with numerous clients over the years to help establish and promote their brand to the local candidate market. From local indigenous companies to FDIs entering the market, the benefit of working with a recruitment partner can give you insights into the market and introduce your brand to a much wider audience.

Examples of joint marketing campaigns:

Social Media



Bespoke social media graphic designs. Helps companies stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the best candidates.



Collaborated with several companies to produce a video showing off their company, culture and what it is like to work for them. The internet will be 85% video in the future. Don’t be left behind.

Website Landing Pages


We create bespoke landing pages for our clients that educates visitors on your business, builds brand awareness and lists all current vacancies in one location.

We will feature any videos here




We can promote, sponsor and even host company events. We have a large break out area within our offices to host events. These can be educational, brand awareness exercises or social events. We can work together to build an agenda and get speakers involved.

There is no cost to utilise this space and we will even provide food and drink! 

Protecting your brand

When a cultural moment shifts dramatically, it’s important that brands address the issue with tact, empathy, and mindful marketing. As always, context matters.

If you want to discuss our marketing and branding services, don't hesitate to get in touch