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MCS Group partners with clients and candidates throughout the east coast of the United States, primarily in the northeastern region – New England, New York, New Jersey, and the home of our US office, Boston. We cover a cross-section of industries from HR to sales and marketing to financial services. 

We pride ourselves on empowering businesses to build and retain great teams in all our disciplines, prioritising diversity in your hiring process. Our award-winning solutions have a proven track record of solving recruitment challenges to an exceptional standard. 

Our success is achieved by working in partnership with our clients, not to achieve short-term fixes but to establish a positive, long-term impact on people's lives. Therefore, we are committed to developing a long-term partnership with your business. Through our relationship, we will connect you with our vast talent pool of diverse and highly-talented professionals who will elevate your business.

For candidates, when you use the US recruitment team for your job search, we are passionate about getting to know you, your needs, and your career goals. We then tailor our search to find the roles that best suit you and put you on the right path to a new career.  In addition, we have access to an extensive network of trusted US businesses to aid our search. 


Client Solutions

If you are looking to build a team for your business, our talent acquisition specialists are here to provide exceptional recruitment solutions. We work with a wide variety of companies, from start-ups to scale-ups right to multinationals. 

We have four bespoke solution packages to meet your business needs:

Engage - Aimed at finding candidates for easier-to-fill jobs and allows for quick access to active talent. 

Engage+ - Designed to support overcoming skills shortages for hard-to-fill roles and allows you to gain an advantage over the competition in bringing in in-demand talent. 

Launch - Supports the effective building of a first-class team for the launch or scale-up of a tech business start-up. 

Partner - Supports you in building a high-calibre team and allows for building a long-term recruitment partnership to meet future recruitment needs. 

To discover more about how we can support you with your hiring needs, explore our recruitment solutions for more details. 


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