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Starting a new job can be a daunting task. Things such as logging on to new systems and finding out how employees' styles of work need to be addressed when starting a new role. One of the biggest concerns people have starting remotely is how are they going to get to know their new team! If you’re based in a physical office, it’s straightforward to hang out and chat in the lunchroom or invite someone for a drink after work. But how do you achieve the same social camaraderie when you’ve only ever waved at your colleagues across a Zoom call?

Top tips on how to start a remote job successfully


Onboarding Buddy

Ideally, you’ll have an onboarding manager to help you meet your colleagues, and you may even be assigned to an onboarding buddy. This is a great way to connect with a more established team member and ask casual questions you don’t necessarily want to bother your manager with. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are constantly having to call your manager on teams in the first few weeks! Why not schedule weekly meetups whether that be for coffee,  lunch or even remotely for a quick chat to talk about your week? Not only will this help form a bond with your team but also be good for your mental health… after all it’s good to talk.

 Did you know that 56% of recruits who met their buddy in the first 90 days of starting work felt this helped them be more productive? This jumped to 73%  of people if they met their buddy two to three times, and 97% for those who connected more than eight times.

Virtual Watercooler

Long gone are the days when you could simply go to the water cooler or coffee machine for a quick break and a chat with your colleagues. I have spoken to a few companies lately that have created a virtual channel to replicate this. It has proven hugely successful and allows you to chat to other members of your team about non-work-related topics. This could be about the latest series on Netflix you are watching or what you are doing at the weekend, but this really breaks down the stigma of work is for work and allows you to know your team on a personal level.



Understand the communication style of your team

Before diving right in and making friends, it’s essential you understand your remote team’s communication preferences. Your employer may have tools and strategies set up to help you integrate with your remote colleagues. Start by asking if your company has a communication strategy document for your review. This should outline the communication tools available and when each should be used. Make sure you understand the best tools to use if you want to connect with your new colleagues formally and informally. There is no point dropping a message on Slack if your whole team is using Microsoft Teams.



Getting to know a new team in a physical or remote scenario can always be a bit daunting but it’s important to always get involved in activities. The key is to be friendly, proactive and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. It won’t be long before you will be grabbing a beer or wine with your newfound colleagues. For more advice or information on any remote roles we have on at the moment please contact Daryl Crothers, on 02896935501 or email