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Why Hire Temporary Workers?

Jamie Brown Nov 1, 2022

Are you missing out on hiring opportunities?

Temporary contracts are on the rise in the UK. This is the perfect time to use a temporary workforce to fill hiring gaps between permanent positions, but why?

According to Atkinson, Rick and Williams in a study of temporary work in the labour markets there are three key benefits of using temporary workers.

Let’s investigate them.

1.       Cover for vacancy, maternity or sick leave.

Has an employee left with no replacement found? This can not only put pressure on staff to re-hire quickly but adds extra stress on an existing team. A temporary worker can solve these problems. Filling the gap can mean once a full-time employee is brought onboard their workload is much smaller as opposed to the workload that would have accumulated without a temporary worker.

2.       Match peaks in demand

Think cost. Employing temporary workers will allow you to build up your staff without having to increase your permanent headcount and the costs associated with this. Only paying for the hours they work means you can hire multiple temporary workers to ensure any spikes in demand are covered. You can do this all with no long-term commitment.


3.       Specialist skills.

Permanent staff with specialist skills sets can often have long notice periods. In the meantime, why not benefit from temporary staff with a specialist skillset who can work on specific projects?

Temporary staff can bring new and valuable skills to your company and give you a fresh perspective within your organisation. This allows your existing staff to benefit from the knowledge and experience of those who may join the company for short periods of time.

In short, temporary workers: 

  • Are the solution to your hiring gaps between permanent positions.
  • Allow you to cover any excessive workloads. 
  • Saves you time and money.
  • Add a specialist skill set to your current workforce.                                                                          

So, what are you waiting for?

If you would like to discuss your hiring needs, please reach out to our IT Temporary Recruitment Specialist Consultant, Jamie Brown on