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Which 'Friends' job suits you?

MCS Group Sep 13, 2018

We look at the careers of our 6 favourite friends so you can determine what career is right for you.

The US TV Sitcom “Friends” finished over 14 years ago. The sitcom has beaten recent releases to top a list of the UK's most popular shows on paid-for streaming services, since its arrival on Netflix in January 2018. Read the character descriptions below, to find your perfect job with MCS Group.

Name: Chandler Bing

Occupation: IT Procurements Manager/ Junior advertising copywriter

This charming, quite outspoken fella is quick with his sarcastic quips as he constantly jokes around and pokes fun of his friends. However, he has a good heart and would do anything for his best friend Joey (pays for his acting lessons).  He is a smart chap, because as we all know by now, he works for a large corporation doing statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. He can make decisions based on logic and reason.

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Name: Monica Geller

Occupation: Head Chef

Monica definitely likes to control and manage situations, especially her friends lives. She loves attention to detail, and this allows her to make most of her decisions through logic and reason. More than anything, Monica thrives on order and schedules; you will never see the apartment out of order or dirty while she is there. Monica is Incredibly organised and persistent. She will do whatever it takes to achieve top marks for anything she takes on. If you see yourself in Monica, then we could have the perfect Professional Services career for you. Check out the list of Professional Service vacancies here.

Name: Ross Geller

Occupation: Palaeontologist, Studies Dinosaurs, College Professor

Ross is the only introverted character on the show. Ross is someone who tends to value loyalty and tends to make decisions with his heart. He likes to have an orderly and harmonious environment because of his dislike for conflict, which is also a great attribute to have in an HR environment.

Thus, it is no surprise that Ross is highly agreeable, which can be seen in the way he always trying to please his parents. We know Ross for his personality traits of compassion, trust and generosity.

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Name: Rachel Green

Occupation: Executive

Rachel is a social butterfly who has a passion for the things that she does. She loves Fashion, it is a lifestyle for her, she cares about trends and her appearance in the minds of others, which leads her to be constantly aware of her surroundings. This quite a good trait for a Marketeer, as it all about being on the “next big thing”. She is quite spontaneous at times, but deep inside she is she looking for the right opportunities in life. From being a “spoilt little rich girl”, Rachel has made her way in the world through dire determinisation. She might not be the best coffee maker, but she will try her hand at anything.

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Name: Phoebe Buffay

Occupation: Massage Therapist/Musician 

Phoebe is one of those people who could talk to anyone about anything and still be interested. She gets her energy through talking and singing about the abstract ideas and theories she comes up with, which are traits that would suit someone in the professional services industry. Her imagination is incredible- just listen to any one of her songs (Smelly Cat!!!) She is very spontaneous in all aspects of her lifestyle with no two days to be the same. She’s interested in adventure and trying new things even if they may be unusual.

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Name: Joey Tribbiani

Occupation: Actor

Where do we start with Joey?

Joey constantly lunges himself into new social situations because of his occupation as an actor. He is very comfortable with talking to others, even though what he says may not make any sense. This is probably due his tendency to prefer abstract and theoretical way of processing information. Just like Phoebe, Joey is the epitome of spontaneity. He doesn’t know what Joey is highly extroverted because he thrives on human interaction, always full of energy and is the life of any party.

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