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Reason No.1 No Legacy!

PA are a premium Consultancy Consulting dedicated to true innovation. They have forged longstanding relationships with the likes of Google & AWS. Allowing their already fluid tech stack to go way beyond cutting edge.

 Reason No2. No Silos!

Huge variety of projects and clients which give a broad exposure to industries of all kinds with the additional benefit of not having to choose between AI, Machine Learning or Wearable tech. PA can offer you all of this right here in Belfast!

 Reason No.3 Not just a beer fridge!

Culture goes deeper than a beer fridge and coffee machine (not that they are not important!!) At PA they are pushing the boundaries of the traditional consultancy with its corporate overtures. PA Consulting have finely balanced a conscientious work ethic with a relaxed collaborative approach in their Belfast City Centre Hub.

 Reason No.4 What did your 2018 annual review say?

True career planning and progression are up for grabs here. We should all have completed our 2018 annual review by now, how often were those all-important goals measured, rewarded and enhanced throughout the year? PA Consulting pride themselves on a dedication to continually develop their colleagues to allow them to grow and develop in a direction that enthuses them.

Reason No5 Belfast is not a Satellite Site!

The recent announcement that PA plan to expand their Belfast Innovation Hub to over 400 people is testament to this statement. The team in Belfast work on some of the organisations most high-profile projects and are at the heart of setting the standards across the wider organisation.


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