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The Benefits of Hiring Contractors

Chris Busby Jan 29, 2024

When developing enterprise software and applications, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. Development time, features, testing, user experience, appearance, and more. Each aspect of an application needs to work correctly and quickly. In order to produce the most efficient and powerful software, it’s important to hire experienced and competent software developers. But going through this hiring process can be tough. In addition to sorting through a large pool of candidates, it’s important for businesses to consider this vital question: Should I hire a contractor vs. a full-time employee as a software developer? The market is massive, and it is an increasingly popular option for companies to hire a contractor. But, why?


Hiring a contractor can help fulfil a specific project, meet a tight deadline or cover a period of absence. Once the need has passed, the contract can come to an end. This is a flexibility you simply don’t have with a permanent employee, where you can find yourself re-jigging teams and trying to find a new project for someone. Contractors know their job, why they are there, and that it isn’t forever. Whether your work is seasonal, a budget gets cut, or the project finishes early, using a contractor gives you the flexibility to end the engagement when required.

Immediate Availability

Closely linked to flexibility, contractors will generally advertise their services when they are coming to the end of a project. This means that when one project finishes, they can move seamlessly into a new project, without a cumbersome period of notice. If you find you are suddenly under serious pressure and could use an extra pair of experienced hands, the immediately available contractor is exactly what you are looking for.

Niche Skill Sets

Self-Employed Contractors generally have a wealth of experience in their niche area of expertise. Whether it is a certain technology or broad experience in a specific sector, they quickly add value to a team. Along with the specific knowledge they bring, they will likely have been in several different organisations, so can offer a fresh pair of eyes and a balanced perspective.

Cost Cutting

IT Contractors are widely considered to be an expensive way to get work done. They should, in fact, be seen as ways of cutting cost. There are no hidden costs or extras. With a permanent, full-time employee, you will have all the extras to pay on top of basic such as employers’ national insurance, pension contributions, health insurance, dental insurance, bonus payments to name but a few. Then there is the time taken to find the perfect permanent candidate, 2 interviews, a technical test and the whole process several times over before the right person comes along!

The process is much more cut-and-dry with contractors. They also do not have the same kind of training costs that permanent staff will- these professionals are well used to quickly ramping up and moving between project and organisation!

Scale up your workforce quickly

Taking on a big new project? Looking to transform a function of your business? Using temporary staff is a fast and efficient way of scaling up your workforce at short notice.

Fast-track hiring

Temps can usually start working within a few days, avoiding long notice periods or interview processes. Good recruitment agencies will have a pool of temp workers ready to spring into action.

Cover while recruiting

Hiring a contractor while recruiting for a full-time employee will reduce the pressure to hire quickly, and minimise the strain on the rest of the team. Plus, your new recruit will thank you for clearing their workload before they start!

36% of managers started out as temporary staff.

Try before you buy

Many companies take temps on a “working interview”, with a permanent job on offer if things go well. And if a temp isn’t suited to one role, they might be a good fit somewhere else in your company.

Discover future leaders

Over one-third of managers started out as temporary staff – so your new temp could go on to be a pivotal member of your business.

Bring in fresh skills

Temporary staff bring new and valuable skills to your company. They can also give you a new perspective on existing processes and bring ideas from other companies.

Is this the right option for me?

Ask yourself the following questions and if the answer is yes, give me a call:
• Do you need extra resource now, but on a short-term basis?
• Do you have a skills shortage in a specific area?
• Are you understaffed and under pressure?
• Do you have a small budget but need big results?
• Is your current project running to a tight, difficult deadline and an extra pair of hands could get you over the line?
• Does the project need specialist technical knowledge and experience?


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