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Tech Talent Tuesday- Stephanie Lampkin

Lucy Mullan Jan 10, 2023

Stephanie Lampkin is the Founder and CEO of Blendoor, a people and analytics software company that helps mitigate unconscious bias in hiring. The merit-based recruiting platform takes names and photos out of the early stages of job interviewing processes. When elements such as gender, race and age are removed, a candidate’s work history, skillset and education can shine through with no risk of bias.

Lampkin is deeply committed to EDI, and has also founded Visible Figures, the largest global network of venture-backed Black women founders and fund managers in the world, and is an Advisor at The Equity Alliance, which invests in diverse emerging venture capital fund managers. Her specialist skills and passion for EDI lay the foundation for Blendoor’s mission to diversify tech.

Lampkin studied Science and Engineering at Stanford and earned her MBA at MIT. Her impressive career in the tech industry spans over 15 years and during this time she has founded two start-ups and worked in various technical roles at companies including TripAdvisor, Deloitte and Microsoft. Her contributions to the tech sector have not gone unrecognised and Lampkin has featured on MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 list and Fortune 40 Under 40, to name a few.

As black woman In a predominately white male industry, Lampkin has witnessed first-hand the  bias faced and has spoken on the immeasurable barriers to entry and biases faced by people of colour In gaining entry-level positions at tech firms. This frustration inspired Lampkin to found Blendoor which since its inception in 2015, has become an all-round inclusive hiring solution used by some of the world’s largest firms, including Amazon. The software enables companies to easily identify diversity gaps and tap into a diverse, anonymized database of talent.

Lampkin’s mission with Blendoor is ultimately to increase the diversity of tech companies and demonstrate how innovative and disruptive technologies can be built by those who fall outside the typical programmer archetype.

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