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Tech Talent Tuesday- Maryanne Morrow

Lucy Mullan Nov 22, 2022

For Tech Talent Tuesday this week we profiled Maryanne Morrow, Founder, and CEO of 9th Gear Technologies and a capital markets specialist. 9th Gear is an innovative FinTech Blockchain company that “reduces the time it takes to track, clear and settle financial assets by bringing operational efficiency and risk mitigation to capital markets”.  Founded in 2018 by Maryanne who has over 20 years of experience in financial, marketing, and advertising, the company has helped thousands of businesses transform how they operate.

Maryanne was educated at Cornell University in Material Science Engineering, then LeMoyne in Finance, and Whittier Law School. She also previously served as CEO of SurgeXLR, a boutique accelerator she founded that focused on a faster path to monetization. She is an ambitious innovator and creative thinker who has firmly established herself as a key strategic thinker and leader in the FinTech space.

Maryanne is passionate and committed to diversity and building an inclusive culture.  She is involved in multiple diversity initiatives and is an Advisory Council Member for Fintech Women Boston. Her commitment to diversity can be seen at 9th Core which has a diverse workforce and a focus on inclusivity, teamwork, and collaboration.

Currently, only 2.2% of funding goes to female start-ups, only 28% of start-ups have at least one female founder, and a mere 40% have at least one woman on the board of directors. These statistics are shocking and simply not acceptable. Maryanne is leading the change she wants to see at her own company by building a start-up that recognizes the benefits of an inclusive am equal workforce which includes attracting and retaining a more diverse and satisfied workforce.

Maryanne has won several awards for her leadership and innovation and she was crowned a Women of Influence by Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2019. Her multi-million dollar start-up 9th Gear has also racked up several impressive accolades including The Most Innovative Forex Start-up and The Experience Category at Global Finance Open Challenge.

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