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Tech Talent Tuesday - Women Who Code

Lucy Mullan Aug 31, 2021

According to a global software developer survey in 2021 only 5.31 percent of software developers are female, demonstrating the male-dominating reality of the software development job.

There is a pressing need for more diversity in tech which is what makes ‘Women Who Code’ all the more important and exciting for the industry.

Women Who Code is a global non-profit founded by Alaina Percival, who are committed to increasing diversity and inspiring and empowering women in tech. They provide women with the tools they need to excel in their technology careers

Often women working in the industry report high levels of job satisfaction, a lack of support and progression which translates to them leaving their places of employment. Women Who Code supports and empowers women already in tech to boost their skills and confidence and prevent this from happening.

The initiative also offers mentorship opportunities, a network of role models, coding workshops and career training programs all of which help support women in tech and diversify the field.  

They have recently announced a partnership with mentor-led online learning platform Springboard, to launch scholarship and recruitment programmes. This is extremely positive and exciting for women in tech looking to accelerate their careers this year.

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