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Tech Talent Tuesday - Weerada Sucharitkul

Elana Hershman Oct 3, 2023

As the CEO of FilmDoo, Weerada Sucharitkul has harnessed the power of innovative technology to create a platform that not only entertains but also educates, bridging cultural and language divides. Her journey from a childhood enriched with a diverse tapestry of films to the helm of a ground-breaking media company is a testament to her determination and innovative spirit. 

A Childhood Shaped by Cinematic Exploration 

Growing up as the child of a Thai diplomat, Weerada had the unique privilege of experiencing various cultures and languages. Her father's thoughtful gesture of bringing back VHS tapes from his trips abroad opened young Weerada's eyes to a world of diverse films. From Chinese and Japanese to Thai and French language films, these cinematic treasures ignited a lifelong passion for storytelling and a deep appreciation for the role films play in fostering empathy and understanding across linguistic and cultural barriers.

 Weerada's educational journey further fortified her global perspective. She pursued her studies at esteemed institutions like Thammasat University, McGill University, and the University of Cambridge, where she excelled in economics and management. Her academic achievements, including a First Class Honours degree, laid the foundation for her future endeavours. 

The Genesis of FilmDoo: Bridging Cultural Divides and Transforming Education

Weerada's pivotal moment came at the University of Cambridge. While trying to watch the acclaimed South Korean film "Masquerade," she discovered it was nearly inaccessible, despite its immense box office success. She soon realised that while 50,000 films are made around the world each year, so few are ever distributed outside their home country. Her original movie-streaming platform was launched to help solve this issue.

FilmDoo quickly became a platform amplifying underrepresented voices from around the world, providing a stage for visibility and expression. Having worked and lived in South Africa, Weerada is particularly devoted to facilitating access to the growing African film industry. Today, FilmDoo boasts one of the largest online collections of African and Black Cinema films and looks forward to further expansion in the years ahead.

FilmDoo's trajectory took an inspiring turn when it became apparent that over 80% of its audience sought language-related content. This revelation led to the creation of FilmDoo Academy, an innovative layer of Edtech, turning films and videos into interactive lessons for a ground-breaking approach to language and cultural learning. Her vision extends beyond mere entertainment, advocating for a future where learning is as enjoyable as watching a film.

Championing Independent Filmmakers and Diverse Voices

Weerada's impact transcends the realm of technology. FilmDoo has not only provided a platform for independent filmmakers but has also paved the way for additional monetisation channels. It celebrates diversity, addresses critical societal issues, and champions human rights causes. In an era dominated by major streaming platforms, FilmDoo stands as a beacon for independent voices in cinema. 

Weerada's dedication to democratising education through film is commendable. Her insights and initiatives underscore the transformative potential of accessible, engaging learning content for learners of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations. Her efforts have earned her the First Prize at the She Loves Tech Top 10 for the UK & France, and 12th place globally.

Inspirational Guidance for Future Female Founders

Weerada is passionate about sharing her findings with other female leaders. She acknowledges the unique challenges female founders face, including societal expectations and family pressures. Weerada believes that women must embrace their worth, stand by their vision, and challenge stereotypes. She also believes in the need for stronger support systems, visible role models, government-backed initiatives, and early exposure to entrepreneurship. 

Weerada's success story reminds us that with vision, resilience, and a commitment to positive change, it is possible to reshape industries and touch lives on a global scale.

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