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Tech Talent Tuesday – Angelica Ross

Lucy Mullan Jun 7, 2022

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new blog series ‘Tech Talent Tuesday’ where we will be showcasing talented individuals from underrepresented groups working in the tech sector.

We are starting the series with Angelica Ross who is widely known for her roles in Pose and American Horror Story. In addition to her acting skills, Ross is a self-taught coder who is shaking up the tech industry with her tech for good organisation- TransTech Social Enterprises. Founded in 2014, the non-profit organization aims to empower, educate and employ LGBTQ people through the use of technology and offers workshops, training, mentorship and job opportunities.


Ross taught herself the tech skills needed to succeed and is passionate about spreading the message and helping others do the same. Through TransTech Social, several tech summits have been hosted that provided attendees with the opportunity to network with other LGBTQIA people, access new tools, develop new skills and much more. 

In a society where violence and discrimination against trans people is rife, TransTech Social is helping some of the most marginalized people in society find economic empowerment through a career in tech.  The tech industry continues to struggle with a lack of diversity, and TransTech Social and Ross’ activism is helping diversify the industry through the training, upskilling and placement of diverse candidates in tech companies across the US. 

With plans for the TransTech 2023 summit shaping up to the biggest yet, Ross’ passion and drive to empower LGBTQ people through technology is evident. You can stay up to date with TransTech by following them on LinkedIn:

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