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You’ve got your degree…it’s definitely Marketing related…you’ve applied to graduate-level roles in Marketing, but you’ve heard nothing.

First things first, you’re not alone.

One thing I have continually seen since joining MCS is graduates that aren’t sure where to turn, or how to successfully get to the next stage in their Marketing career- so I’ve come up with a few points on how to bump-up your CV, and simply get a little extra knowledge!

Highlight your current experience!

Can’t emphasise this one enough. If your placement year is your only year of experience, tell us what you worked on. This is your first experience in a live Marketing role where you’ve undoubtedly learnt a lot, but sometimes this comes across as extremely vague in a CV. Sometimes, asking yourself a few questions can spark a little more information:

What Platforms were you using? (eg Social Media- Paid & Organic, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Canva)

Did you attend any training events in your time there?

Think of what you achieved there, big or small!

Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer.

This is another big one for me because I did this myself. Have you seen an interesting event coming up nearby? Find that point of contact and send a message. It could be as simple as sending an email or LinkedIn mail offering to volunteer at the event, or just letting them know that you’d love some more experience and is it possible to come along. Getting that chance opens huge opportunity to meet others in the Marketing space, or people that can help you kick-start your career. It’s also another a great way to spice up your CV. 

What’s On?

NI is a great place for Business & Marketing Events- why not have a look at Eventbrite or Meetups and see what’s on around you? There are lots of them that require a minimal fee if any, or sometimes, it’s worth spending a little when you get it back! It’s a perfect way to gain more knowledge of the local Marketing space and meet new people. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on our Digital Marketing Meetup in the coming weeks!

Local Businesses need people like you!

Another way to gain valuable experience is to offer your expertise to your local community. There are so many local businesses that are not utilising Social Media…why not volunteer to set up a few pages for them and get them a little more reach? It’s a great way to get further experience- which is another thing you can pop on the CV! 


Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, and a lot of the time, your degree doesn’t cover many digital aspects. If you want to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and get as much knowledge as possible, get a few accreditations under your belt.

Again, some of these you might need to pay a bit of money for. Luckily though, Google Certifications are completely free and are worth every minute when you are able to learn about AdWords, Analytics, SEO and much more.


If you would like a little more information on any of the points discussed, or simply want to see what’s out there in the Marketing space at the moment, feel free to contact Emma McFetridge on 029 9023 5456 or send an email to