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Tech Talent Tuesday- Ida Tin

Lucy Mullan Jun 28, 2022

This weeks Tech Talent Tuesday spotlight is on Ida Tin. Ida is a Danish tech entrepreneur, author and the co-founder and Chairwoman of Clue, one of the worlds leading female reproductive health apps.

 Ida is credited with coining the term "Fem-Tech" as she noticed that whilst there was an increase in offerings and companies dedicated to women’s health, there was no recognised term to group these under. The term Fem-Tech is now widely recognised and is used to describe any digital technology in the female health sector. The term has made it easier for entrepreneurs, investors, and the media to talk about their Fem-Tech offerings and has helped open the conversation around female health.

Ida founded the female health app Clue in 2012 when she spotted a gap in the market for an innovative app for family planning and women's reproductive health. The app enables women to really understand what is going on with their body in terms of their reproductive health. Through the app users can track their period, symptoms of PMD, moods, cramps, energy levels, their fertile window and much more. It has over 12 million active users across 190 countries and has empowered women globally to take control of their reproductive health.


Ida is passionate about using the tech for good app Clue, to not only help women understand their reproductive health better, but also as a reliable way to gather information on women at every stage of their lives from their first period to menopause. Such topics are still taboo and through the app, which also undertakes research and shares findings for free, Ida hopes to further investment, research and conversations into this crucial aspect of female health.

To keep up to date with Clue you can follow them on LinkedIn here.

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