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 As a result of our increased awareness of our impact on the world, particularly on the environment, more people than ever are recycling their waste and reducing their usage of single-use plastics with us all trying to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. As a society, we are constantly searching for sustainable solutions whether it be energy storage, generation, agriculture or transport. 

Clean, go green, ESG, carbon footprints, sustainability… these are all words we are more than familiar with. As a society we must all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet. Perhaps of even more importance than personal action, is what large businesses are doing to reduce their impact on our planet.  Implementing environmental policies and ESG reporting is now vital if businesses are to be respected and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.  

This increase in the green agenda has led to a booming CleanTech industry which has given rise to innovation and new technologies such as solar pavements that can charge vehicles, smart windows that convert light into energy, and zinc-air batteries that can make laptops more portable and electric vehicles more affordable.  

Cleantech is big business, with the sector expected to be worth approximately $2.5 trillion by the end of 2022  and it is no surprise that investment has soared. According to new a Bloomberg report as of January 2022  investment in the sector reached $755 billion. This was a huge jump of 27% which is largely due to the rise in electric vehicle development and renewable power, with the United States alone committing $114 billion worth of investment.  

The Clean energy industry is responsible for approximately 202,000 jobs in Massachusetts and worth $28.2 billion GSP making the sector and region an attractive option for investors. The city of Boston is home to very large, state-of-the-art cleantech incubators such as Greentown Labs and accelerators like the world-renowned Cleantech Open Northeast the ecosystem is healthy and growing. With the State also home to notable Cleantech startups such as Sense, Indigo, VIA and SparkCharge which have attracted talented professionals and bright graduates who see all that Massachusetts has to offer. 

In today’s talent first and location second economy, the need to be able to attract talent both in-state and out-of-state has been proven as crucial enablers for innovation and growth. 

Can a recruitment firm help you find the right talent for your organisation? Can a recruitment firm source talent in-state and out-of-state? Can a recruitment firm truly understand the talent needs of the Cleantech industry? 

Absolutely and they can all while providing an exceptional client and candidate experience. MCS Group can quickly identify, engage, and source the best talent and fit for your organization's culture, growth, and development. How you ask? We use our in-depth networks of highly skilled recruiters, our expert knowledge, unmatched full-stack technology suite, and our unmatched enthusiasm for customer care. 

To find out how we can make your recruitment faster, easier and more effective and to understand how we can help you overcome your recruitment challenges, get in touch with Ryan Quinn, Regional Vice President to find out how we will transform how you recruit.