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Meet MCS Monday- Introducing Ryan Quinn

Lucy Mullan Nov 14, 2022
  1. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I fell into recruiting which is often what happens.  I was working at Enterprise Car Rental and was tired of cleaning and shoveling out cars in a suit and tie, and my cousin’s wife was a technical recruiter.  She gave me some insight into the day-to-day, made a recommendation for me and I was able to get a job with Eliassen Group as a recruiting trainee.  I stayed with Eliassen for 7 years, wearing multiple different hats throughout the years as a tech recruiter, Team Lead, Manager, and Director.

  1. Why are you passionate about recruitment?

Two main reasons for me. 

  1. The people/relationships.  There is no better feeling than helping a candidate find their dream job, or helping a client fill a role that they’ve been struggling with for months.  The relationships you are able to build with so many different people are truly amazing.
  2. The opportunity.  Recruiting is one of the few careers where you can truly control your own destiny.  The harder you work and continuously improve, the more money and opportunity you can create for yourself.
  1. What do you think the biggest pain points are in the tech sector currently?

I believe there is a giant “elephant in the room” in the tech space and that is the lack of diversity.  With so many companies focused on DEI and putting a spotlight on diversity and inclusion, it amazes me that we haven’t seen the same level of attention specifically in the tech space.  There are still a lot of grossly under-represented groups within tech; including females, Latinos' and African Americans' just to name a few.

  1. Where do you see the tech sector going in the next ten years?

Ooh, this is a good one.  I honestly see tech continuing to boom.  We are already seeing it now, with tech merging into other industries and creating new sectors (Fintech, Healthtech, Biotech, Cleantech, etc) and I see that trend continuing to the point where every aspect of business and industry will be impacted by tech in some form or fashion.  Regardless of the economy, I see tech continuing to grow and thrive.  Exciting times are ahead for sure.

MCS is your diversity hiring expert. We are committed to helping companies and tech teams diversify their hiring! So, if your company is looking to overhaul, tweak or even just improve your current DEI initiatives, connect with Ryan now.