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Should I become a Contractor?

14 Mar 2022

As we move out of the pandemic and start to see the return of some form of normality. We must acknowledge that some things will be changed for good. This includes more flexible working arrangements and our concept of working life balance. With all this in mind, a lot of people have been considering contracting as a means of employment. There are many things to consider when choosing contracting.

Written by: Jennifer Curran


MCS Solutions Blog

15 Feb 2022

An insight into how clients are measuring the impact of agencies and the danger of measuring being busy, over productiveness.

Written by: Sean Devlin

IT Contracts Monthly Round-Up

7 Feb 2022

I’m sure I am not alone in thinking “Where the heck has January gone? How can it be February already!?” 2022 has kicked off in exceptionally fast-paced style, with the Tech scene in Belfast continuing to have an insatiable appetite for talent and showing no sign of slowing down. By this time, most companies have their 2022 Talent Planning at least at the sign-off stage and have ramped up their recruitment accordingly.

Written by: Jill Johnston

Why you should use MCS Group

24 Jan 2022

Ever wondered what makes MCS Group different to other recruitment agencies? Then check out this blog to find out

Written by: Martin Connolly