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Your Perfect Job Based on Your Personality Type

25 September 2018

Need to know if you are in the right career? Look no further! We describe the best jobs for your personality type using the Myers-Briggs model.

With the current astronomical surge of technological advancement, it is only a matter of time before human personalities could be defined using several variables and intricacies.  For this article, the Myers-Briggs model will be used to determine your perfect job based on your personality type. This model has been widely acknowledged and supported throughout the world and is known for being able to predict our behaviour based on our personality types. So, fasten your seat belt, because you are in for one hell of a read.

Our personality is influenced by several factors, our environment, our experiences and our goals, which then is morphed into how to react and behave. This blog will help you discover what personality type you belong to as well as defining the careers best suited to you.




These personality types are known for their rational and impartial mindset, which allows them to shine in intellectual debates and scientific or technological industries. They are severely independent and open-minded, with other traits such as being very strong-willed and imaginative. They usually approach things from a practical perspective and have the idea that finding out what works is more important than trying to satisfy everyone else. These traits make Analyst personality types excellent strategic thinkers but can cause difficulties when it comes to social or romantic situations. For more information on the Analyst personality type click here

Type of Jobs that would suit an Analyst Personality Type:

*Famous Person with an Analyst Personality Type*


(Source:, 2018)


To be fair, most of us will probably try to consider ourselves as warm, caring, and generous individuals, with being diplomatic and fair at our core. They have a personality type that has a positive outlook and enjoys working in collaboration and harmony. They are individuals that can connect with others through deep connections and emotions. Diplomats are known for their intuitiveness and sensitivity which will work in industries that they feel like they can make a difference but will lose focus when connection and personalisation are lost. For more information on the Diplomat personality type click here

Type of Jobs that would suit a Diplomat Personality Type:

*Famous Person with an Diplomat Personality Type*

(Source:, 2018)


Sentinels are individuals who are constantly seeking order, stability and security. They are firm believers that anything less than 100% can damage their reputation (in work and personal life), which is something that is important to them. But hey, isn’t it important to us all!! They are defined as cooperative and practical with a fine eye for detail. They are known to be self-motivated since they do not need any external inspiration to be productive. Sentinels prefer to have confirmed methods and honest success to self-indulgent exploration and esoteric ideas. For more information on the Sentinel Personality type click here

Type of Jobs that would suit a Sentinels Personality Type:


*Famous Person with an Sentinels Personality Type*

(Source:, 2018)


These types of personality are known for being the most spontaneous of all. They love the fact that they can connect with their environments and connect with people, which is something that cannot be said for all personality types. They have quick reaction times, that can help them in situations that require them to think on their feet or solve problems. They are known for being masters of tools and techniques, using them in many conventional ways, ranging from mastering physical tools to convincing other people, i.e. can I assume that they’re basically car salesmen. Naturally, these personality types are unique and one of a kind. For more information on the Explorer Personality type click here

Type of Jobs that would suit an Explorers Personality Type:

*Famous Person with an Explorer Personality Type*


(Source:, 2018)


What Personality Do You Have? Are you working in an industry that matches and allows your personality to shine? Are you still unsure what sort of personality you fall under? Take the test here.

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