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4 Simple Tips To Make Your Job Search Easier

22 April 2016

Finding your dream job can be difficult, hence the reason for recruitment agencies! At MCS Group, we see some of Northern Ireland's brightest talent coming through our doors every day. Sometimes the talent is obvious, and our job is made extremely easy as we know we are going to a client with a superstar candidate that would be an ideal fit for their organisation. However sometimes we meet candidates that are superstars but are unable to market themselves accordingly. 

It is no secret that Northern Ireland is facing a skills gap. Recent conversations with clients have shown that there is a sense of frustration as more technical roles become harder to fill given the shortage of suitable candidates.  

We want to make sure that no one is falling through the cracks and ensure that everyone's skills are being showcased correctly. The following tips should go a long way in insuring that this doesn't happen. 

Do not undersell yourself 

We tend to talk ourselves down in this part of the world for some unknown cultural reason. This might be fine in a social setting but you should be looking to emphasise your skills when job hunting. In your registration meeting, we want to hear about projects you've worked on and how this has added value to the business. This is what is going to make you stand out from other candidates when we try and pitch you into a company. 

Be realistic with your expectations 

While you shouldn't undersell yourself, make sure that your expectations are realistic. Asking for a £10,000 increase in salary for your next role without justification is not being realistic. Remember that as recruiters we are managing two customers, the candidate and the client. We will always push to get candidates the best deal but we must be able to justify the increase from your previous salary to the client. Make it easy for us and manage your expectations. 

Treat the registration interview as a real interview 

Our job is to help you find your next job, so we need to gain a deep understanding of your background and skill set. When you meet a recruiter, be prepared to go into detail and sell yourself as you would do in a formal interview setting. This is the difference between an average candidate and superstar. It gives us the ammunition we need to go back to the client and convince them to bring you in for an interview. 

Come prepared for your registration interview 

If you are coming in to meet us, it must mean you are looking for a new job. We want to match you with a company that you will enjoy working for so please come prepared with a mental list of companies that you are interested in. MCS Group has a working relationship with companies across Northern Ireland, so we may be able to pitch you into your target company. 



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