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MCS Life- Champions of Wellbeing

9 Jun 2022

The 4 pillars of wellbeing at MCS

Written by: Peter Stevens

Brona Cathcart...Bringing Global Experience back to Northern Ireland at MCS

30 Jan 2017

MCS Group was founded with a view to improving standards and setting a new benchmark for quality within the Northern Ireland recruitment industry.

Recruiting Leaders - Lessons from FIFA

4 Jun 2015

Much could be written about the positive aspects of FIFA and part of me is reluctant to jump on the bandwagon but it is such a good example of an organisation's failure to ensure that the recruitment process was geared towards aligning candidates with its core principles.

The Value of an Effective Finance Team

20 Feb 2015

The finance team are often overlooked for their contribution to the success and profitability of a business. Well, if the sales team are the life blood of a company, an effective and high performing finance team can be considered the back bone, ensuring companies weather even the most difficult of storms.

What Do Employees And Apple Products Have In Common?

17 Sep 2014

Apple yesterday held an event to a full crowd expanding their existing product range in the form of two new iPads, two new iMacs and updating their operating system. While all these products are so similar they each have their own place and fit within the company and employees should be no different.