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The creative and digital landscape in Northern Ireland

17 Aug 2018

We take a look at the the creative and digital landscape in Northern Ireland and how it has recently evolved and grown.


Which 'Friends' job suits you?

13 Aug 2018

We look at the careers of our 6 favourite friends so you can determine what career is right for you.


“OK Google, find me a job” - Introducing 'Google Job Search'

10 Aug 2018

At long last, Google has launched its ‘Google Job Search’ offering in the UK after a successful launch in the US last year. So, what does this mean for potential job seekers?

Graduates - How to answer Tough Interview Questions

7 Aug 2018

Job interviews can be tough. If you’re not 101% prepared, questions can leave you searching anxiously for an answer. Here are some tips on how to answer two of the most common interview questions.

How to Write that Winning CV

31 Jul 2018

Creating your CV can be a daunting task - These 4 quick tips will help separate you from the rest.