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In an industry where job titles and roles can vary as much as the products they produce, the quest for top engineering talent is akin to a high-stakes chess match. Hiring managers, HR professionals, and engineering leaders find themselves navigating a complex board where every move matters. But how do you stay two steps ahead of the curve and your competition?

Relationships and strategic alliances with the right recruitment partner can make all the difference in sourcing and securing the right talent for your organisation.

The engineering industry is booming, with a steady rise in the number of professionals over the past decade. Seen as a critical industry, engineering employs 6.1 million people in the UK or 19% of all jobs!  But here’s the twist: demand for engineers is predicted to outpace other occupations, especially in the realm of green engineering roles, which have surged by over 55% in the last five years

The urgency to become a net-zero economy further fuels this demand. Yet, the skills gap persists. Whether it’s the rapid digital transformation or the convergence of IT and engineering, businesses face the challenge of keeping pace with change. Upskilling becomes non-negotiable. Jonathan Hornagold, Apprenticeship Manager at Amey, emphasises the need to serve clients while meeting employees’ evolving needs. As Northern Ireland’s leading specialist recruitment agency we understand this delicate balance and can identify candidates who possess the right blend of technical skills and adaptability.

Why MCS Group?

· Navigating the Talent Maze: The engineering talent pool can be a maze and finding the right fit is like searching for a needle in a haystack at times. Specialising in engineering recruitment, we can source talent with precision and efficiency allowing you to focus on other things. We understand the nuances of different roles—whether it’s a civil engineer, a manufacturing engineer, or a renewable energy specialist.

· Laser-Focused Expertise: We don’t dabble—we dive deep. Our specialist consultants know the industry inside out. They’re well-versed in the latest trends, emerging technologies, and the skills that matter most. When you partner with MCS Group, you tap into this wealth of knowledge.

· Speed and Agility: Time is of the essence. The faster you fill a critical role, the sooner your projects move forward, and we make this possible by using best-in-class, streamlined processes, from sourcing to screening.

· Talent Retention: It’s not just about hiring; it’s about retaining top talent; we recognise this and can match top talent not only based on skills but also on cultural fit and long-term potential.

We bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. We’re the compass guiding you through the talent maze, ensuring that your organisation thrives in an ever-evolving engineering landscape. So, when it comes to sourcing talent, think specialist, think MCS Group—it’s a strategic move that pays dividends. Remember, the future belongs to those who engineer it.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to tackling the ongoing skill shortage as no two organisations are the same, at MCS Group we will develop and deliver a talent solution bespoke to you. To find out more about how MCS Group can help you identify, source and engage the talent needed for your organisation reach out today to Kirsty Dillon Technical and Engineering Commerical Manager at