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Trying to get the best Technical, Cultural, and experienced “fit” for your company takes time and when you have a pressing need and deadlines to meet, its time you may not have. Get ahead of your competition by building your own bespoke pipeline

What is Pipelining?

Pipelining is proactive recruitment. It’s about identifying needs within the business and engaging talent earlier in the process so that when you are ready to onboard, you can do it in the knowledge that you have a pipeline of talent available and should fill your roles more efficiently than ever before.

What can MCS do?

MCS Group can provide a sourcing service for our clients that leverages the latest techniques and channels. It is a proactive approach to recruiting, thinking actively about the company’s future hiring needs and workforce planning, targeting active and passive candidates for live and future roles, being ready TODAY for TOMMOROW’s job requisitions.


Why Use Pipeline Service?

  • With a bank of screened candidates interested in your company, you shorten your time to fill and cost of hire.
  • Proactively recruiting hard to fill roles enables you to get the absolute best fit – not just the “best available” fit
  • Identification of who and where the right people are, now and in the future. MCS will help you to understand their aspirations and motivations and how they perceive your brand – what message is out there and how should we change it to maximise any opportunities and trends we see.
  • MCS engage with targeted talent pools, collate profiles according to pre-agreed parameters. Receive regular pipelining updates and insights
  • Longlist and Shortlist services for critical hires ready and updated earlier in the process
  • Full administration of candidate relationship management applications (CRMs) and applicant tracking systems (ATSs).


Contingent Model - 35 Days to fill - 6.5:1 Interview to successful Appointment rate

MCS Pipeline - 14 Days to fill - 2.5:1 Interview to successful Appointment rate