Market Insights

Market Insights

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Labour Market Insights (Quarterly)

Labour Market Insights presents a refined and current overview of skills demand in your specific market.  We leverage multiple data sources including government agency reports, job postings, employer and employee surveys to bring you market intelligence that is specific to your business.  Labour Market Insights presents analysis on: 

  • Job Skills – Availability & Experience
  • Trends in demand and insights into leading employers with similar skills requirements.
  • Education level requirements, associated supply and relevant trends at this critical pipelining stage  


Salary and Reward Survey (Bi-Annually)

While employees have multiple motivators, salary and reward is consistently quoted as being one of the key ingredients for staff retention.  The Salary and Reward Survey presents specific information based on the skills you require rather than the more generalised industry information contained in our annual Salary Survey. As well as providing a salary range relative to level of experience, the survey provides benchmarking analysis on organisations with similar requirements in the local market. This includes

  • A comprehensive overview of wider rewards and benefits offered in the market
  • Commentary on relevant trends (updated each Quarter) such as salary increments, counter-offers, retention joining bonuses and other variables that we see 

This information allows business and hiring managers cost appropriately, stay ahead of your competition and ensure that you make the correct decisions around salary and reward.


Heat Mapping of Skills (NI, Ireland and UK)

Availability of talent is a crucial factor when considering a new location, or when targeting a recruitment marketing campaign for remote workers. MCS Group can provide bespoke location-based heat mapping for the skills specific to your business. This provides a visual representation of the key skills clustered by location with additional narrative on major employers and talent hotspots. Our approach to heat mapping relies on current analysis, providing you with as accurate data as possible in fast-moving markets.  

For Key Accounts/ Exclusive & Retained Business Only


Skills & Industry Pulse Reports

We recognise that strategic resourcing sometimes requires an element of tactical adjustment in response to market or industry changes. Skills & Industry Pulse Reports provide you with key market intelligence in real-time and are generated as soon as our teams are made aware of any key information.

  • Newmarket entrants
  • Fluctuation in availability or demand for key skills
  • Surges in competitive activity
  • Changing candidate behaviour 

Trends will help to keep your recruitment and retention strategies on track. Pulse Reports are generated monthly with occasional ad-hoc reports created for extraordinary market activity. 


Competitor Analysis

This provides you with a comprehensive overview of key market competitors based on your specific skill requirements. This analysis provides information on: 

  • Staffing headcount
  • Growth rates
  • Hiring Activity
  • Skills breakdown
  • Salary & benefits
  • Staff retention data
  • Brand perception
  • Labour ‘pull factors’ 

The analysis will provide commentary on companies winning and losing in the competition for talent and highlights industry best practice.


Employer Brand Benchmarking

What does the market think of your employer brand?

MCS Group plays an active and highly visible role across multiple industries, partnering industry bodies, sponsoring and hosting key events and collaborating with colleges, universities, government bodies and other organisations to ensure that we remain close to the pulse of your key markets. 

The Employer Brand Benchmarking Report provides you with an overview of the local market perception in comparison to other local employers including a relevant competitor brand analysis.  The research includes social media analysis, candidate surveys, market commentary and provides you with an overview of best practice in your specific industry area.


If you want to discuss any of these reports or services with a specialist consultant, don't hesitate to get in touch