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MCS Group believe in delivering the highest possible standards. Nowhere is this more visible than in our choice and use of technology. Integrating the latest video-engagement software in our recruitment process has already proved to be a game-changer for clients and candidates alike.

Below, we describe how our video technology showcases the best talent on the market in a transparent and easy process! 

We use a two-way video tool to interview and screen potential candidates.
Upon receiving the shortlist of candidates, you can watch their video interviews anytime on any device.
After watching the videos, now invite the ones best suited for the role for a face-to-face interview.

What are the results?

- It shortens the hiring process by 70%
- On average 60% reduction on interview to placement ratio.
- Hire employees best suited for the role and company culture accurately.

 Interested? Give us a call and instantly enjoy the benefits of video in the hiring process!