Candidate Preparation & Interviewing

Candidate Preparation & Screening

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The recruitment market has changed significantly over the past few months We have taken the time to speak with a broad range of MCS Group clients to gauge how this change had affected the way they recruit and the new problems they are facing.

MCS Group are in the fortunate position to have the necessary resources and uniquely skilled consultants to cover all or individual parts of the recruitment process. For many years, our team have developed a diverse range of tailored packages and solutions to meet the needs of our clients, large or small.

You can choose from our list of services, depending on the skill-level or seniority of the role you are recruiting for.

The main issues encountered are:

Not enough time, money, or resources to cover:

  1. Advertising / Marketing
  2. Sifting and shortlisting increased numbers of applications
  3. Administration, including:
    • Compliance and Referencing
    • Basic Access NI checks
    • Equality & Monitoring
  4. Candidate Contact & Engagement
  5. Setting up and successfully video interviewing
  6. Arranging 2nd stage on-site interviews
  7. Producing unique “Keyworker Letters”, to make sure candidates can travel to site
  8. Producing interview questions which will truly determine which internal candidates are the best fit for a role
  9. Giving detailed interview preparation and guidance to internal candidates to give them the best platform to promote themselves at interview
  10. Giving detailed and useful interview feedback to internal candidates to ensure they feel the process was well managed and fair 

Lack of Speed causing them to:

  1. Lose candidates to other companies who are faster at contacting, video interviewing and onboarding
  2. Delay start dates when candidates are needed immediately 


  • Advertising on a wide variety of platforms
  • Collation and shortlisting of CV’s
  • Equality and Monitoring information
  • Attending shortlisting Video meetings with senior members of the company, giving feedback and recommendations
  • Developing interview questions
  • Conducting recorded video interviews
  • Conducting company internal interviews or arranging and sitting on Panel Interviews

If you want to discuss any of this information further with an MCS Group specialist consultant, don't hesitate to get in touch