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Taking steps to improve and protect the wellbeing of employees is good for both the individual and organisation alike.  This is an area that has attracted an increasing amount of attention in recent years and has been placed under a greater spotlight during the COVID-19 outbreak.  It is now generally accepted that investing in creating positive working environments, promoting wellbeing and championing overall good health can play a key role in driving employee engagement, productivity and organisational performance.

Despite this, according to research carried out by CIPD in March 2020 almost two thirds (62%) of private sector businesses admit to taking an ad-hoc approach to wellbeing and lack a considered, holistic strategy.

At MCS Group, we created our own employee wellbeing strategy founded on the four key pillars below and would love to support any organisation considering this for their own business.  For more information on any of the areas, click the box below, or to discuss how this can be applied within your own organisation contact the MCS Life team by emailing