If three years just wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry there are ways to keep your academic brain active and enhance your career at the same time.

Postgraduate Degree

Some career options will require you go back and complete a postgraduate degree to top up on some skills. Or you may feel that you want to gain some more insight into your chosen field. Some graduates may even fancy a change in the industry - no matter the reason, a postgraduate year is an opportunity to develop new skills and connect with people in your industry.

Check out Queen's and Ulster Universities for information on courses offered and entry requirements. 


Professional Qualifications

If you're confident that your chosen degree is the route you want to take but you don't want to dedicate another full year at university, then gaining some professional qualifications is a great way to continue advancing your learning whilst you are working.

Find your industries professional body and become a member. Most will offer a student membership, so join before graduation so you can get your first year at a student rate.

Read Everything

It's easy to look at your degree certificate, breath a sigh of relief and think you're done with learning forever. You're not, if fact you haven't even scratched the service.

With the speed of technology and the rise of digital, industries are changing faster than you handed that dissertation in. Employers expect employees to keep up to date, continue learning and constantly improving skills, all on your own time.

Make sure you are subscribed to all industry publications, follow industry social media and are reading articles every day in order to ensure that you are always on top of what's going on around you.

If you do this, your employer will notice and it'll really will be worth it.