Working as a contractor has many benefits, but may not suit everyone. On the plus side, it can offer a varied, flexible and rewarding career that can give you a better work/life balance. However, it can also have its challenges and many professionals fear leaving the security and benefits offered by permanent positions.

For many professionals, who prefer not to stay in full time, permanent employment or are between roles, contracting offers great benefits, from increased flexibility in work patterns, to greater variety of work, to generating a greater breadth of experience. It can also provide the opportunity to earn significantly more than many full time, permanent roles.

Although there can be a sense of uncertainty that some face when thinking about leaving the safety net of a permanent contract, there are so many benefits to go contracting:

If you are contracting with MCS our focus is on keeping our Contractors working continually and we work closely with our clients to try and achieve this. We can accommodate experienced Contractors and people taking the first step into the contracting world.

For 'new comers' to contracting we can provide all the advice you need, either directly or through a network of support partners we have put in place for your benefit. We support Ltd Company Contractors and have an Umbrella partner in place for all other individuals, with the aim of ensuring you keep as much of your income as possible.

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