It's vital to have an up-to-date and concise CV when applying for contract roles. Focus on your technical skills, flexibility and availability. Here are some tips to make your CV contract focused.

1. Stand out at First Glance

Your CV may be sent through many different channels; either direct to the client, to a specialist recruitment company but a few basic principles remain the same:

  • Adapt your CV to specific companies
  • Keep it concise and well-structured
  • Avoid large paragraphs of text, use bullet points instead
  • Make sure you have up to day contact details at the top on the page
  • Start with your most recent experience


2.Don't be a Jack of all Trades

You want to ensure that you are listing relevant skills, so concentrate on work experience that will be transferable to the industry in which you are contracting.

It might be an idea to group similar contracts together under a heading, but be sure to mention the date and length of time spent on each contract.


3. Sell your soft skills too

A contractors greatest assets is their ability to be adaptable, flexible and quick to pick up new skills. A short summary at the beginning of your CV will help sell you to companies straight away. Highlighting these on your CV is crucial, especially if you can back it up with evidence.


4.Make your CV stand out from the crowd

Don't just list your job skills, describe what you've achieved from applying these skills in the workplace. List major accomplishments for each contract.

Listing your skills without evidence of application, is just writing a list of buzzwords. Describe what you have achieved when applying these skills throughout your contracting experience, Use the STAR technique as a template; describe the Situation, the Task required as a result, the Action you took and the Result of that action. Use actual statistics where possible to back up your achievements and make your successes more tangible.

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