Contacting Benefits

Contractors are needed across most sectors at all levels. Organisations bring in contractors temporarily to help out with specific project needs or to fill a temporary skills shortage. Contracting can take different forms, from rolling contracts based on daily rates to fixed-term salaried contracts.

Although there can be a sense of uncertainty that some face when thinking about leaving the safety net of a permanent contract, there are so many benefits to go contracting.

Increased earning Potential

One of the main benefits to contracting it the ability to increase your earnings as a direct result of a higher daily rate than your permanent colleagues and having a tax status that allows you to take home more net pay. It is an incredibly lucrative way to work, with experienced contractors charging £350+ per day and more for their services. For a role that would pay you a salary of £45k as a permanent employee, you could potentially earn £70k+ as a contractor.

Great variety and interest

Contracting offers the chance to keep your work fresh and interesting. You can choose to work only on projects that spark your interest and keep you motivated. You will get a real diversity of experience and will have the chance to work on numerous projects, meaning days are never the same and you look forward to getting up in the morning!


Between contracts, you have the luxury of taking as much or as little time off as you wish and with the increase in your earnings, you can afford to take more time off that the permanent equivalent.

No more office politics

Working as a contractor means you are independent from your client, so you are your own boss. The power to earn more money, gain more responsibility, take a week off or work less lies completely in your hands. You are excused from a lot of the meetings and saved from a lot of the red tape and corporate politics. You are there to do a job, and everything else outside of that job is someone else's problem.

Improved work/life balance

A positive work/life balance has become increasingly important to employees, and the power to control that is an amazing feeling. With the extra money and the flexibility to choose your own working hours you can spend your free time as you please. If you want to take off the school holidays to have some quality family  time or you wish to work 365 days a year, that is your choice.

Industry sectors

We find hundreds of assignments for our contracting candidates every year across all our specialist areas. With dedicated contract consultants, we make it our goal to provide the support you need to build a successful career as a contractor in the industry of your choice.

Flexibility and choice

At MCS group we can support you through whatever way you wish to work as a contractor; weather you choose to start your own business by becoming a company director or work through an umbrella company.