Sometimes it can seem like there's not enough hours in the day and not enough days in the week to meet the demands of your business. But maybe, it's just not enough people in your team?

Employers are finding themselves under more pressure than ever to deliver for their clients, experiencing skill shortages or a spike in workload that can put their workforce under extra stress. As the stress piles up, the team can become discontented and unhappy and inevitably, the calibre of work can suffer. 

Often companies chose to ignore this as they aren't aware of the options available. 

At MCS Group, we work with highly skilled candidates that are keen to secure short term projects, work on an ad-hoc basis and charge competitively for their work.  This offers you an immediate fix to an increase in workload without having to worry about what they will do afterwards.

  • Using contractors gives you more flexibility with specific projects
  • When one-off projects that require specialist expertise crop up, a contractor can slot in quickly and easily to complete. This mean not having to up skill current employees unnecessarily
  • Your permanent staff can concentrate on the core business.
  • Most contractors can start at short notice, even when large numbers of workers are required.
  • You have no PAYE or National Insurance contributions administration for contractors

Our consultants have either an industry background or significant experience in working in their particular specialism. They are all professionally trained to provide you with the best possible talent for all your short-term and contracting needs.

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