With over 1,500 tech companies and an industry worth an estimated £6 billion, Scotland’s IT sector is going from strength to strength









Scotland’s IT industry is growing at a phenomenal rate with Glasgow and Edinburgh now considered to be in the top three tech locations outside of London.

MCS Group is a Specialist IT Recruitment Agency, headquartered in Belfast. We deliver for clients across several key verticals, most significantly the Contract IT Market. At the request of a number of key clients and following the growth and investment patterns of the tech space in the UK we have recently branched out into the Scottish market. 

We focus on three areas in the market that have seen significant growth in the need for contractors over the last 12 month, due to skill shortages and heavy workloads as we aim to help you meet the requirements of your customers.

mcs group it contracting scotland

We work closely with our clients to meet your requirements whether it’s for a short or long term contract.

Our focus is on providing superior service by giving you access to a vast network of professionals across a wide range of industries, at competitive rates. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of their markets and specific fields of expertise.

The MCS offices are based in Belfast City Centre but our technology and social media platforms take us across all geographies. The growing scarcity of talent in the tech industry means we are constantly researching and working with our digital partners on local, UK-wide and global candidate attraction strategies.

MCS Group Video Recruitment Platform

This year we have successfully introduced an easy to use video platform which allows clients to accelerate the recruitment process by pre-screening candidates before moving to a more formal interview.

The interactive recruitment platform allows you to see candidates answering your pre-set competency questions in a cloud-based environment which you can access at your convenience. Videos will be accompanied by the candidate’s CV that can be viewed as a split screen, giving you easy access to all the key information, which can also be shared with other decision makers.

Of course, video isn’t for everyone, but this is just one of the innovative tools that MCS Group can offer to our clients.

To find out more about the talent that we have available or to discuss your specific contract recruitment requirements, please contact Rick Duffield on 028 9023 5456 or email r.duffield@mcsgroup.jobs