The Camlin Group is a locally owned business and operates with the vision of bringing revolutionary products to life for a wide range of industries, including power, rail, photonics, health and security.

The product range is extensive and diverse and is being continually enhanced by both in-house development and acquisition. The combination of the different business areas, together with the wide range of geographical markets in which the companies operate, underpins the continuing success and high growth of Camlin.


The Camlin operation currently spans over 20 countries around the globe, with a combination of engineering design, research and development and support locations worldwide. The company uses industry-leading R&D, state-of-the-art test facilities, in-house manufacturing and quality control. Drawing on a distinguished 30-year heritage of developing cutting-edge technology, Camlin is focused keeping our customers' needs at the core of everything we do.

From initial concepts through the development and mass production, Camlin is a research & engineering powerhouse that specializes in a range of key specialist areas.

Here at Camlin we don't stand still and we don't expect you to either. We're always moving forwards, striving for the next solution to problems the rest of the world haven't even thought of yet.

Start your journey with us today……


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