What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing and How do I Hire the Right Skills in a Buzzword Minefield?

The emergence of ‘Digital Marketing’ and the impact to how we work, particularly over the last 10 years has been huge and there is no doubt that it is continuing to have a significant influence on the commercial and operational performance of businesses across all industry sectors.

Advances in online technologies have enabled some businesses now to rely completely on their digital presence, while others have had to integrate some digital marketing into the overall mix in attempt to at least remain contemporary. 

Technology is moving at a relentless pace and while many organisations are embracing the boundless marketing capabilities now available, many others find themselves behind the curve and lost amid a myriad of confusing buzzwords.  For all that is has to offer, Digital Marketing must first be understood.

Some of the confusion around Digital Marketing is due to the breadth that it now consumes.  A Digital Marketing Executive in one organisation can look totally difference to one in another business.  Expectations are often misguided also.  A junior marketer can’t be expected to come into a non-digitally focused business and transform it.  They may be able to implement some of the digital marketing activities, but the activity will be redundant if ‘digital’ is not integrated into the wider strategic plan.

So what is Digital Marketing? The standard definition is that it is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet but also including mobile, display advertising, email marketing and other digital media. Spiralling from this overarching definition comes a cacophony of acronyms and buzzwords such as SEO, PPC, Internet of Things, VR, Social Strategy, optimisation and analytics.  We could fill libraries to provide a comprehensive overview of digital marketing but this serves as a guide with reference to the types of skills you may be looking for from a recruitment perspective.

In-house or Agency?

The extensive nature of digital marketing means that many organisations will and should elect to delegate some of the activity through to agency specialists. MCS Group can provide advice and introductions to key specialists in this space.

MCS Group is a proactive member of NI’s Digital community; key sponsors of the largest Digital Event in Northern Ireland ‘Digital DNA’, we have also worked with the Universities, Schools and Colleges on skills development.

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