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How Can Honing Your Digital Skills Improve Your CV?

22 Feb 2021

There is no doubt that being digitally savvy can significantly increase your chances of being hired by organisations from a wide array of industries. Here are a few ways to improve your digital skills.

Written by: Lucy Wyndham


Starting my career journey during lockdown – why you shouldn’t be scared!

18 Jan 2021

It’s understandable why people may feel nervous or reluctant to start a new job during lockdown but companies like MCS Group have made significant efforts in adapting to these changes to make it a comfortable process from the beginning. If you are looking to move job currently, it is still safe to do so.

Written by: Susie McCollum


Contractor Tax Relief & WFH

24 Nov 2020

Are you working remotely full time? Are you aware of expenditure that you may be entitled to claim tax relief on? Find out what you are entitled to here.


The Benefits of Hiring Contractors

19 Nov 2020

The market is massive, and it is an increasingly popular option for companies to hire a contractor. But, why?


Managing a hybrid team in the new normal

4 Aug 2020

Hybrid working is on the horizon for millions of office workers, ushering in the 'new normal'. However, with many new ways of working, success is dependent on successful implementation and management.