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The benefits of employing seniors into your business

27 Aug 2019

With an ageing working population, it is becoming more common for seniors to be entering the workplace. Read to see the benefits of employing seniors.


How to Write a Winning CV - Myths vs. Realities

19 Aug 2019

Writing a CV will be a necessity at some point in your career, but people often find it difficult to know what to include. In this blog Sarah looks at the top five CV myths.

Make Your Employees Happy And More Productive By Making These Office Upgrades

25 Jul 2019

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. We explore some office upgrades you can make to increase workforce productivity.

First job? Tips for surviving your probation period

18 Jul 2019

So you have secured your first job. Here are some tips and tricks to pass your probationary period with flying colours!

5 Top Tips for Networking in Northern Ireland

10 Jul 2019

Do you find networking difficult? We explore the top 5 tips to help improve your networking skills.