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Top five challenges for hiring software developers for 2021/2022

4 November 2021

Struggling to find the best technical talent? It’s important to understand the key challenges you should expect when building your technical teams. We have put together a quick guide on the top hiring challenges that are expected to dominate the tech industry in 2021 and how to overcome them.


1. Company Culture - Getting the fit right? 

91% of managers believe cultural fit is as important as skills and experience. 

MCS Group caters to this by screening every candidate we represent to our clients. This greatly helps us to not only match the skills and experience but also to understand their aspirations. The result is we match candidates to a culture that fits their expectations. 


2. Counter offers – The war for retaining talent? 

You’ve identified your candidate, spent time getting to know them, found the perfect cultural fit… but their current company counter. A recruiter's worst nightmare. Not too long ago, counter offers fell in the region of 10% of basic salary, but these counter offers have now doubled and, in some cases, tripled to 20-30%. 

To circumvent this issue, MCS has a tested process in place, which has seen a 93% offer to acceptance rate this year. 




3. Candidates are difficult to find – The Irish market is flourishing

When it comes to foreign direct investment (FDI) Ireland is the number one choice for US Tech companies in 2021. The accumulated value of foreign direct investment in Ireland rose to over €1 trillion in 2019. 

Economically speaking, the Irish tech industry is flourishing across technology sectors driving huge competition across the nation. Everyone is hiring and demand for top talent is at a record high.  

MCS Group spends over €500 thousand annually enabling us to tap into talent. We invest in much more than traditional job boards. Our dedicated team of sourcers who are aligned to specific verticals and skillsets, tap into talent pools which increases our chances of finding the right passive candidates for our clients. 



4. Increasing salaries for top software talent

The average salary increment across the nation for software engineers is 13% every 17 months. At MCS Group we track these trends by focusing and investing heavily in market research through surveys, hosting meetups, and liaising with industry bodies.  

We are dedicated to working with and supporting all our clients in true partnership by keeping them up to date with the latest advice and information in the market resulting in helping our clients retain top talent. 


5. Speed to Hire / Developers getting snapped up quicker than ever. 

Companies that act quickly, hire the best talent. Research reveals that around 50% of job seekers are impatient and agree to the first job confirmation they get. Meaning the quicker you can get the right talent through the recruitment process, the better the chances of hiring the best talent. 

We understand the need for efficient processes and at MCS Group we focus on speed of delivery whilst ensuring our clients receive qualified talent. This enables a fast-moving, time-efficient process leading to a higher rate of conversions whilst minimising dropouts and fall-offs. 



As the demand for technical talent gains momentum, it is vitally important to track these trends to ensure you're hiring process is one step ahead of your competition. If you would like to learn more on how MCS Group can assist you with your recruitment needs, please get in touch with Daniel Flower at Tel:  +353 16994279.


Written by: Daniel Flower



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