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Attention: How to negotiate your pay rise in 2018!

17 October 2018

Listed below are some hints and tips to help make the "frightening" task of negotiating a pay rise in 2018 a little less daunting. I look at the tools for planning that interesting conversation with your boss. "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. - Benjamin Franklin"

If you are currently having thoughts such as “I want more money" or "I deserve a higher salary” circulating around in your mind you have one of two options to choose from

  1. ask for a pay rise or
  2. leave your job and start to look for new opportunities.

Asking for a pay rise is a delicate process, which should not be taken lightly. 52% of private sector employees received an increase in their salary in 2017, with only 17% seeing an increase of more than 2.5%. These are not figures that give us a lot of inspiration but yet again it shows that it can be done.

You cannot demand a pay rise just because of the amount of time (years) you have been with the company. Employers will be looking at your achievements and the additional value or responsibilities which you have added to their organisation.

Before asking or demanding a pay rise, it is important to plan out what you are going to ask. It is important to make a list of the goals which you have accomplished since working for the company. Ensure you write a list of any additional responsibilities which you have added to your day-to-day work. Don’t be naïve, make sure you research the avg. salaries within your job market.  If you are already paid above your market pay rate, negotiating a pay raise can be difficult.

This will allow you to understand what is the highest or lowest amount which you should be asking for. When asking for an increase in your salary ask for a specific amount or percentage (%) as the conversation becomes less muffled when both parties know where they stand.

Negotiating a pay rise can be a difficult and scary process, even if you have followed all the steps mentioned above. Be direct and confident in your approach and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

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