6 Terrifying Recruitment Statistics for Halloween

30 October 2018

Its “All Saints” Eve and no, it’s not an appreciation day to pop group All Saints…. It's HALLOWEEN! And with that said, I am going to give any recruiter the fright of their life when they read the 6 most spooky recruitment statistics known to man. So, all you wizards and witches get ready for the scariest blog you have read in your life!!!!


  1. Rockstar Candidates Become Ghosts Within 10 Days

We all have our very own Rockstar candidates, but did you know that it takes on average 10 days to get your Rockstar candidate hired? If you don’t then your competitor will.

Pick up the phone to candidates and clients and get the conversation started. Social media and jobs boards are an add-on feature, people still need personalised communication. Keep up to date with the industries you work in, become an expert and start building your own personal brand. It is important that you have a strong succeeding process which will allow the best talent through the doors of your client as quickly as you can.


  1. 60% of Applicants Share Horror Stories with Friends and Family

It is said that 60% of applicant share their negative job application experiences with either their family or friends. Living in Northern Ireland, that figure can startle quite a few of us since Northern Ireland only has a small hub of people and everyone seems to know each other in some sort of way.

Make sure that your client and candidates do not have their own nightmare process. This can be done through consistent communication. It is important to listen to the needs and wants of the candidates and clients to find the perfect job/employee for them. Also, another note to add is to be transparent with both your customers. Offer your candidates the best possible experience, this can be down to providing feedback, this will benefit you in the long run. DO NOT JUST DO THIS FOR YOUR ROCKSTAR CANDIDATES – DO IT FOR ALL

  1. Near 30% Would Warn Others Away from Applying or Using your Service.

If the last statistic wasn’t scary enough, a further 29% would warn others from applying through you after having a bad experience. This means that applicants may go elsewhere to find employment, meaning a lesser talent pool and an even lesser chance of finding that Rockstar candidate. (Can you see it now? It’s a never-ending circle!)

BUT... this can be avoided through providing a service which you and your company can be proud off, consistent communication and feedback. Keep in mind that they can become your ambassador and tell everyone about the positive experience they had with you rather than the groggy dishwater experience they could have had somewhere else.


  1. Trick or Treat? 15% of Candidates Who Have a Positive Hiring Experience Put More Effort into the Job

TREAT! This reiterates the points made above, that if a candidate has had a pleasurable experience then they are more likely to be more positive and work harder. In return, your client is extremely happy, your manager is extremely happy, and you should be extremely happy as you will reap the rewards in the long run.


  1. 80% Would Look for a Safe Haven at Another Company with a Great Employer Brand

Whilst it less specific to recruiters, it can be somewhat beneficial. When placing candidates, ensure that you are selling the company and not just the job. If you don’t then your competitors will. The benefits of this is that 80% of workers want to work with a great employer. So, if you don’t advertise the overall company then you may be in trouble.


  1. Over 30% of Employees Would Flee to A Better Job if Offered

This statistic is something which recruiters will not wish away, as it has the potential to reach new candidates. However, it begs the question… are your own staff safe or will they flee?

This is more of a self-reflection statistic, which has benefits for your own company and that of your clients. You need to think of new innovative ways in order to retain staff, adding incentives, and perks which will keep jobs with your company even more attractive than ever before. Millennials love BEER FRIDGES maybe investigate into that. It is important to also think about things such as culture fit, progression, training and involvements in CSR.

Maybe the statistics which I have outlined above aren’t overly petrifying, but they do give thought into the service which you are providing. You need to be an outstanding recruiter to keep both of your customers happy. Ensure you create your own magic potion that will help you do that.


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