Why Healthcare is the Future of Computer Science

17 January 2019

Why Healthcare is the Future of Computer Science 

Northern Ireland will be seeing a surge in technology degrees in the coming years, as Queen’s University Belfast and PwC will be offering 100 students degrees in computer science or software engineering. When these degrees are named, most minds seem to jump to the same handful of positions, working in coding somewhere in a cubicle or pulling hundred-hour weeks troubleshooting problems for an office, but there’s a rich field of jobs that can be found with these degrees. Nowadays one could even forego a permanent position in favour of various contracting and interim positions, boasting flexible work hours and the freedom to pursue things at your own pace.

Looking At Tech In Healthcare

But what fields are open to those who graduate with these degrees, or are otherwise searching for a career utilising their knowledge and experience with technology? People often overlook the healthcare industry, forgetting or simply not knowing about the vast amount of positions available. In Northern Ireland alone, there are as many as 1,800 unfilled jobs across the healthcare industry.

Available Roles 

Knowing there are jobs open and knowing what jobs are available are two incredibly different things. When you think of working in a hospital, a different thing may come to everyone’s mind, whether it be a doctor taking a pulse or a coding specialist analysing the recent records of the hospital.

If you go so far as to obtain the proper training to become a nurse, a technology degree can give you a leg up on other job-seekers as your proficiency will be well sought after in a position that uses complex machines and computers every step of the way. In fact, a degree in technology can help open the doors to any position in today’s world of computers and analysis. Positions such as the aforementioned coding specialist have become abundant, along with positions to audit, analyse, or simply record medical records, going on to include a massive variety of behind-the-scenes positions.

Staying Content At Work 

Once you’re in, it’s important to take care of yourself. Jobs in healthcare can be extraordinarily stressful, hence why your qualifications are so important. It’s vital to balance yourself and stay positive. Once you’ve succeeded in maintaining that, you’ll find yourself in one of the most fulfilling jobs you could possibly find, as every second of your work day is spent on tasks that ultimately help countless people.

The Necessary Skills And Experience 

For many of these positions, you already have! Some jobs can take extra training or education, such as operating MRIs and other positions directly affecting patients, but the healthcare industry is in need of all sorts of people.

Truthfully, one only has to take a short walk around a hospital wing to see the reality that nearly every act in a hospital is interwoven with technology. It’s easy to see why being proficient in such a thing would make you an ideal candidate for the countless positions utilizing such. All that’s left is for you to go out and fill them.


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