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Have you considered a career in recruitment?

21 February 2018

Recruitment as an industry gets a hard time. It’s like the bad kid at school who just can’t seem to shake their reputation. But when I speak to any of the consultants at MCS Group, I get the opposite story. The office is full of tales of candidates that made solid impressions, placements that were about so much more than just money and relationships built on the foundation of common interests.

Not many people grow up dreaming of being a recruiter, instead it is a career you can thrive in from any background. At MCS Group we are home to every variety of degree and experience– from a butcher, to a forensic scientist, psychologist to engineers (find out more about the team) – whatever your background, you can take those transferrable skills and really get stuck in to building a sustainable career in this industry. The motto at MCS is “you hire for attitude and train for skill”, if you can bring the passion, we can show you the ropes!  

But don’t take my word for it, Ryan and Tighearnan give their perspective of the role one year on.

Recruitment consultants add value, to organisations and the economy.  Finding, supporting and encouraging future talent is essential for our local organisations to grow and succeed, and this has a huge impact on the NI economy.

It is a profession where a “can do“ attitude is a must with other essential traits such as resilience, perseverance and pure determined drive are core elements from which a recruitment manager can train and coach on the actual craft of recruitment.

It is a career which is ideal for people who are energetic, tenacious, naturally outgoing, and empathetic and who enjoy working as a team. There are fantastic progression opportunities within the industry with recruitment consultants able to develop their career into senior roles such as principle consultant, team lead, divisional heads and director level.

If you would like to join Northern Ireland’s award-winning recruitment specialists, please send us your CV or call us on 02890 235456 to find out more.





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